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About Mvlyric

What it is?

Mvlyric is a Video Encyclopedia, combining the power of YouTube and Wikipedia to surface the best and most relevant videos about your topics of interest, and is currently one of the fastest-growing video-oriented sites in the world.

How is it different from YouTube?

YouTube is the world's largest video platform in the world. Mvlyric builds on top of the YouTube open platform to provide a service focused on surfacing the very best YouTube videos for any topic. Mvlyric extends YouTube functionality adding a clear value to its users.

Here's a list of the main differences between Mvlyric and YouTube

  • PLATFORM VS APPLICATION: YouTube is a hosting platform for videos, Mvlyric surfaces the best of those videos
  • MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SEARCH: Mvlyric applies a unique mechanism to surface the most relevant videos related to any topic or keyword, combining multiple matching factors such as: keyword or topic, date, source, semantic connections, date, popularity, correlations, etc.
  • VIDEO DISCOVERY-ORIENTED: Mvlyric is focused in video discovery, canceling the many features, links and buttons that YouTube display on its pages, related to its functionalities, hence providing different experience for the user.
  • INTERFACE: Our interface is designed to facilitate the video browsing/viewing experience.
  • OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Mvlyric strives to provide a different, inmersive and productive experience for users aiming to easily surface videos related to their topics of interest, reducing the time it takes to find relevant and fresh video content on the internet.


Mvlyric aims to become the world's most popular interface for searching, browsing and viewing videos. Our purpose is to facilitate people to harness the power of video to enrich their lives by discovering new interesting things, increasing their talents, connecting with great opportunities and feeding their curiosity.

Want to learn more about Mvlyric? Great! Read our Frequently Asked Questions