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Search for Every Little Thing

Search for Every Little Thing

# Songname Singer / Author / Who can sing
1 True colors The Glee Cast, Cyndi Lauper, David Archuleta, Olivia Ong, Eva Cassidy, Thai Trinh, Emi Fujita, Various Artists, Angela Aki, Original Broadway Cast, Phil Collins, Every Little Thing, Van Phuong, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Thai Kien Nha,
2 The one thing INXS, Michael Bolton, 12 Stones, Every Little Thing, Alphaville, Shakira, Caroline Smith,
3 Smile again Se7en, BoA, LEDApple, KCM, LEDApple ft. Led Apple, Usher, Every Little Thing, Sowelu, Mr Dal Bong E, Lee Yoon Jong, Sosimhan Boys, Casiopea, Lisa ft. JAMOSA, Maypop, Falcom Sound Team JDK,
4 Rescue Me Daughtry, Madonna, Diana Ross, The Babys, Gemma Ray, Tokio Hotel, Cher, Slaughterhouse ft. Skylar Grey, Erasure, Every Little Thing, The Gathering, DJ Kawasaki, The Weeknd, Various Artists,
5 Reason Various Artists, Nas ft. Emily, S.E.N.S., Nami Tamaki, Rina Aiuchi, Borknagar, Fonogenico, Than Hieu Ky, Shinhwa, Soichiro Hoshi, Europe, Bonnie Pink, Every Little Thing, The Cranberries,
6 Over And Over Santana, Every Little Thing, Nana Mouskouri, Tim McGraw, Tyler Bates, Black Sabbath, Chicago, Crystal Kay, Rage, Neil Young, Nelly ft. Tim McGraw, The Babys, Thai Thao, Wilson Phillips, MC5,
7 Nostalgia Various Artists, Ga In, Yanni, John McLaughlin, FictionJunction, Joe Hisaishi, Kim Jong Kook ft. Mikey, Yuhki Kuramoto, S.E.N.S., Changin' My Life, Lia, Every Little Thing,
8 No limit Scorpions, Crazy Frog, Every Little Thing, Various Artists, Inna, 2 Unlimited, beFour, Sowelu, Wiz Khalifa, Younha, Rick Ross, Daichi Miura, Avant,
9 Grip Jawbox, ost InuYasha, Raven, Kaori Mochida, Every Little Thing, ?, Every Little Thing,